Wake Up Lund

Wake Up Lund is a volunteer led community that practices mindfulness together. We are comprised of members of many different backgrounds and experiences, and we have one thing in common: our interest in mindfulness. Mindfulness is not only a path to improve your own life (make it more rewarding and fun), it is also a path to improving the lives of the ones around us and for improving the world as a whole (something that even the people of google have seen). What this entails specifically is different for all of us, however, as a community we can support each other and help each other grow in this process. In Wake Up Lund one does not only meet people, one really meets people, creating friendships built on an incredibly strong foundation. 


Due to the nature of life who is currently attending our gatherings might change, but one thing always remains the same: our openness and inclusivity towards who ever wants to explore the path of mindfulness.

Meet the organizers

Who are the people that organize Wake Up Lund at the moment? Well... you get to know them a little in this bio, but to get to know them for real why not come and visit one of our gatherings?



Pronoun: She/Her

Spoken languages: English, German, French, and slowly learning more Swedish

How did you find meditation: I tried different types of meditation throughout my childhood and my mum signed me up for a wake up weekend when I started at university. Since then I have continuously been involved with the wake up movement in different countries.

Why do you meditate: I love touching a moment of peace and joy in my daily life and connect with friends through the sangha.

Description: I moved to Sweden last year to start a job at Lund University. Since then I have discovered the beauty of long Scandinavian summer nights and spent many happy moments with the Lund wake up sangha. I am very interested in Human Design and am currently on a journey to explore it more deeply. My favorite evening is spent at yoga and afterwards enjoying a cup of tea or reading a book.



Pronoun: He/Him

Spoken languages: Austrian German ("Steirisch"), English, Swedish, a little bit of French

How did you find meditation: When learning French, I stumbled upon the book L'Art de la méditation by Matthieu Ricard. Funnily enough, I found the book interesting, but I didn't start straight away. Some time thereafter, my sister recommended me to start with meditation, which then convinced me to give it a try.

Why do you meditate: When I practice meditation, I try to be aware of what is happening in and around myself right now, whether it is positive or negative. This makes me feel more calm and happy and helps me avoid actions that cause suffering later on.

Description: In day-to-day life I am mostly working with mathematics and programming, applied to machine learning. Because of that, I try to avoid sitting too much in front of electronic devices in my free time. When the weather is nice, I particularly enjoy spending time outside in nature. Since I'm living close to Nöbbelövs mosse, it only takes me a few minutes to be outside of Lund. I am also interested in Tai Chi and Chinese medicine.



Pronoun: He/Him, They/Them

Spoken languages: Swedish, English

How did you find meditation: A few years ago I happened upon a book about ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) that used mindfulness as a basis for improving oneself. From the moment i tried mindfulness I was hooked, it has really had an impact on my life.

Why do you meditate: Meditation does a lot for me, not only does it center me in the now (making it possible for me to feel true joy), it helps me experience a deep connection with other people, with nature, and with life itself. It continuously fascinate me that by just sitting and breathing I can experience true happiness, true peace, and be satisfied with reality just as it is then and there.

Description: What would life be without inquiry into oneself and the universe, and what would life be without playfulness. True wisdom does not come from being serious all the time, but from experiencing reality in a playful and curious way. These are some of my core beliefs. For the more mundane stuff; I am an educated (molecular biologist as well as a) teacher, both in the normal Swedish school system and as a mindfulness teacher. I aim to use the gifts I possess for the betterment of both myself and the world around me.