Deep relaxation

Relax deeply, this is an invitation to reconnect with your body and experience all that it experiences.

Meditation information

Time. Image created by Olle Claesson.


From 27 minutes to 57 minutes.

Tip: Choose the one that is right for you.

Guided meditation. Image created by Olle Claesson.


This is a guided meditation.

Tip: If you want to guide it yourself it can be helpful to have a script to follow at first.

Position. Image created by Olle Claesson.

Body position:

This meditation can be done both sitting, standing or whilst lying down. Though lying down is recommended.

Tip: If anyone is guiding they should be sitting or standing, to make sure that one is heard.

Material. Image created by Olle Claesson.

Materials needed:

No additional material is needed for this meditation.

Tip: Though mats and blankets are recommended for extra comfort.

Meditation for deep relaxation