Meditation can offer you a lot of different things. The meditations you find here are all to do with mindfulness in some form or another. Feel free to explore these.


If you attend one of our events you are likely to encounter one of these meditations.


If you would like to have a guided version of these, please try out the Plum Village App (which is also free), there you will find many different meditations.

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Different meditations

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Eating meditation

Practice eating and drinking whilst being as mindful of everything as possible, smell, touch, taste and use all you senses to perceive the food.

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Deep looking

Stop for a few moments and look deep within. Experience all the different sensations that are present within you.

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Hugging meditation

Be mindful in the experience of hugging another person. Experience all the different sensations that are present.

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Joyful focus

Give yourself a few moments of mindful focus and feel the joy that might arise within.

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mettā meditation

In this meditation we cultivate benevolence (mettā bhāvanā) for ourselves and for others.

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movement meditation

Do the meditation whilst you are moving and being mindful of your movements.

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Relax deeply, this is an invitation to reconnect with your body and experience all that it experiences.

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Silent meditation

Through a few moments of silence focus on yourself and experience mindfulness.

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Tea meditation

Practice drinking tea whilst being as mindful of everything as possible.

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walking meditation

Practice mindfulness while outside walking, experience how it really feels to be walking.

Symbols for the meditations


How much time that is needed in order to do the meditation.


Is the meditation a guided meditation or an un-guided meditation.

Body position

What position you should be in when doing this meditation.


What (if any) extra equipment you need to do the meditation.

Want to try one of these meditations?

You can of course try out these meditations by yourself, usually though the experience (and the results) change when doing it in a group. Why not try to join one of our meditations sessions here in Lund?