Hugging meditation

Be mindful in the experience of hugging another person. Experience all the different sensations that are present.

Meditation information

Time. Image created by Olle Claesson.


From 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

Tip: It is possible to change the length of the meditation by hugging several people.

Guided meditation. Image created by Olle Claesson.


This is a semi guided meditation, someone speaks the written text bellow. Then the guiding stops and people just experience.

Tip: There should be a time-keeper, so no one else has to think about the time.

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Body position:

This meditation can be done both sitting or standing. Just make sure that you can hug other people comfortably.

Tip: If one is taller than the other, that person can bend their knees.

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Materials needed:

No additional material is needed for this meditation.

Midfulness meditation whilst hugging

The one who guides speaks the following:

When we hug, our hearts connect and we know that we are not separate beings. Hugging with mindfulness and concentration can bring reconciliation, healing, understanding, and much happiness. The practice of mindful hugging has helped so many to reconcile with each other- fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, friends and friends, and so many others.


We may practice hugging meditation with a friend, our daughter, our father, our partner or even with a tree. To practice, we first bow and recognize the presence of each other. Then we can enjoy three deep conscious breaths to bring ourselves fully there. We then may open your arms and begin hugging. Holding each other for three in-and-out breaths. With the first breath, we are aware that we are present in this very moment and we are happy. With the second breath, we are aware that the other is present in this moment and we are happy as well. With the third breath, we are aware that we are here together, right now on this earth, and we feel deep gratitude and happiness for our togetherness. We then may release the other person and bow to each other to show our thanks.


When we hug in such a way, the other person becomes real and alive. We do not need to wait until one of us is ready to depart for a trip, we may hug right now and receive the warmth and stability of our friend in the present moment. Hugging can be a deep practice of reconciliation. During the silent hugging, the message can come out very clear:


Darling, you are precious to me. I am sorry I have not been mindful and considerate. I have made mistakes. Allow me to begin anew. I Promise.



Hug for a few minutes.