Movement meditation

Do the meditation whilst you are moving and being mindful of your movements.

Meditation information

Time. Image created by Olle Claesson.


From 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Tip: This meditation can be however long you decide.

Guided meditation. Image created by Olle Claesson.


This is often a guided meditation, but can also be un-guided if you focus on how your body wants to move and just follow that feeling.

Tip: If it feels right this meditation can switch between moments of silence and moments of being guided.

Position. Image created by Olle Claesson.

Body position:

This meditation can be done both sitting, standing or whilst lying down. Just make sure that you chose a position that you can move in.

Tip: The one who may be guiding should be following the movements themselves.

Material. Image created by Olle Claesson.

Materials needed:

No additional material is needed for this meditation.

Tip: Comfortable clothes are a recommendation, for ease of movement.

Mindfulness in movement

Introduce the meditation:

In this meditation you are going to be focusing on how it feels to move your body in different ways. Throughout this meditation you are to move your body in certain ways, remember to respect your own body and not do things that goes against it. In order to do this meditation it is recommended to use your breath as an anchor, as soon as you notice that you have become distracted and lost your focus return to you breath. Then explore what it is like to be you at this moment, remember to do so mindfully and not lose yourself to thoughts or similar.


Someone from the group can guide the practice, or you can follow the instructions in one of these videos:


If guiding this meditation:

You can have a per-prepared routine to follow or just make it up on the spot, you can always feel into how your body wants to move. You may encourage people to focus on their breath, notice certain sensations, or similar. Reminding them to be mindful in the here and the now.