There are many other webpages that are of high quality both in terms of content and the wisdom they provide. Here is a collection that you might find interesting.

Wake Up Lund

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Plum village.

Plum Village

Plum village is a Buddhist community created by Thiich Nhat Hanh in France, which was his home for many years. It is also a Buddhist monastery where one can practice mindful presence, located in the region of Bordeaux in France.


Plum Village also have a YouTube channel, where the monastics share their wisdom.


Make sure to also explore the Plum Village app, filled with meditations and other useful stuff.

Plum village.

Sanghas in Sweden

Wake Up Lund is not he only group in Sweden, there are also: Malmö och Stockholm.


Wake Up also have an international website.


Other groups in the Plum Village tradition can be found in: Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm, Ljungskile, Uppsala och Sollentuna. For even more sanghas visit Plum-Villiage traditionen Sverige.

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Hjärtats Glädje

Hjärtats glädje is a webpage by Jem (Chan Phap Ho) Fredriksson, he offers different course and other resources. Jem used to be a monk living in Plum village for 18 years and is nowadays a meditation- and qi gong-teacher in Helsingborg.

Hjärtats glädje.

Recovery Dharma Sverige

There is also a Buddhist group in Lund dedicated to becoming free from addiction, called Recovery Dharma. It is a community inspired by Buddhism that focuses on the recovery from any addiction that creates suffering.

Hjärtats glädje.

Zen in Skåne

Enekulla Zendo is a Zen center in the proximity of Höör, it is led by the Swedish zen master Pelle Bengtsson. They offer regular events at liberiet in Lund

Enekulla Zendo.

Other places and people

There are many other resources that might be of interest to you:


European Institute of Applied Buddhism

Solen i jorden



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Science and the brain

Mindfulness and meditation is not only a thing that is explored within Buddhism, it is also a hot topic within science and healthcare where it has a multitude of benefits.


1177 - Mindfulness

University of Massachusetts - Mindfulness

Psychology today - Mindfulness

Mindfulness - Healthy mind, healthy life

Lund University - Mindfulness

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Coping with the climate crysies

There is a Fridays for Future-grupp in Lund.


There is a Extinction Rebellion-grupp in Lund.

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