Meditation - Beach

When summer approaches and the nice weather greets us, it becomes time to journey to the beach and have our meditation there. We gather to practice mindfulness in an outdoor setting. The event will be led by Arlind (one of our more experienced members), as well as other members of our sister sanghas, who will guide what is done during the sangha.


During a gathering like this we usually do the following:

  • Check in / Weather rapport - A space where the one who wants to share is allowed to and we offer that person active listening. One can share how one is feeling in that moment, which one can liken to a form of weather.
  • Mindful meditation - For about 20 to 30 minutes we do a mindfulness meditation, can either be a silent or a guided meditation. One is invited to focus on ones' own experience in the moment.
  • Various mindful activity - Every sangha there is one form of varying meditation, this can be some form of walking meditation, deep relaxation, eating meditation, or similar activity.
  • Dharma sharing - The sangha ends with a longer sharing where one is invited to share what is on ones heart, whist the others listen mindfully. 

During the event we usually find ourselves sitting, being outside you might want to bring a blanket or similar. It is important to remember to respect the boundaries of both yourself and others in this space, you share and partake of the activities in a way that is right for you, and everything that others might share during the sangha stays in that space.

Practical info


We start at 19:00, please be on time or a few minutes early. The event lasts about one and a half hour, so we should be done by 20:30. If you have never attended a sangha, please be 10 minutes early so the host can introduce the practice to you before it starts.





What do you need to bring

Yourself, nothing more, nothing less. And if you want something to sit on.


Who is welcome?

Everyone, no matter the your level of previous experience. If you are new, please contact us beforehand so we know you are coming.

Summer meditation Malmö



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